Off Shore

oil and gas


The Oil and Gas industry sector has one of the highest levels of requirements when it comes to Cable Tray Systems. Due to the corrosive and safety elements involved determines that Captrad Cable Systems produces a light weight, corrosive free and fire rated product that can accommodate this hostile environment.

Thus working closely with our customers and our R&D department we have managed to provide a range of solutions to enhance the current working environment.


All our grp cable trays and associated products provide a wealth of solutions in the following areas:

    • Off shore platforms
    • Drilling Rigs
    • Power Stations


Not only can we supply solutions in cable management systems but we can also supply other grp/fiberglass products that can assist in these working environments as supporting system.

    • GRP Grating
    • GRP Walways
    • GRP Handrails
    • GRP Structural Platforms
    • GRP Cabinets/kiosks
    • GRP Pipe Structures
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